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Written by IsNull

Date April 06, 2012

Project Development

TC Brute - TrueCrypt Bruteforcer

In a Nutshell

TCBrute is a TrueCrypt bruteforcer. This tool is aimed at the recovery of partial forgotten passwords. The bruteforce depends on a wordlist and works with multi threaded crack action to speed things up.

This tool is in a early development stage (pre Alpha) so downloads in this section are for testing purposes only. TCBrute is written in C#, .NET 3.5, however it only needs 2.x Framework installed. It uses ASM/C/C++ parts from the original TrueCrypt Source, which is used to create a Library which offers easy possibility to decrypt Volume Headers.

This tool currently doesn't work under Linux as it depends on a native win32 dll (truecrypt.dll) which contains the original Truecrypt decryption algorithms. Porting this dll to Linux shouldn't be that hard, so I hope this can be done soon.


I isolated the crypto part of the truecrypt source and created a dll, which basically supports a simple interface to decrypt a Volume-Header Buffer.

So, what the tool does is extract the Volume-Header from the TrueCrypt Volume and tries every crypto-combination for every password. Actually, the main performance problem (In my point of view) is, that the PKS algorythm has about 1000/2000 iterations which cost expensive CPU time (and this was the reason why the TC developers implemented it that way). I may be able to optimize some of this processes but this will require more analyzing of the sourcecode from truecrypt.

Features Current Version

  • Multi threaded Operation
  • Attack TrueCrypt File-Hosted Volumes
  • Extraction of Hidden Volume Headers
  • Extraction of Device Volume Headers
  • Now much faster

To Do

  • Fix Keyfile Support
  • Extraction of System Volume Headers